Detailing - Worth the Investment

There just is no substitute for handing over your car to a professionally trained detail specialist, but there can be a lot of differences between service providers. Remember that deep cleaning protect inside and out. These services should be done just like any other regular service to your car. As you choose your detailing partner, follow a few simple suggestions before you spend your time and money:

  • Determine whether or not your technician is professionally trained. At Mr. Clean Car Wash, our detailers are vigorously trained with oversight by our certified Wash Managers. Each detailer is certified on every service offered by Mr. Clean Car Wash to ensure that you receive a quality detail service.
  • Demand the highest quality products. At Mr. Clean Car Wash we utilize the Professional Series of products offered by Mothers Polishes Waxes and Cleaners. From our Express Wax Service to our Super Shine Package, all of the products utilized at Mr. Clean Car Wash are tested to provide you the cleaning quality and protection you would expect from Mr. Clean.
  • Seek out a clean, safe work environment. At Mr. Clean Car Wash our detail shop is a clean bright work environment that you can see from our lobby. You can watch our certified detailers perform the work right in front of you so you can be assured of the safety of you vehicle.